Thai Wine

Grapes have grown in Thailand for centuries but it is only in the 20th and 21st centuries that the practice of wine making from grapes has prospered in the country.

People thinking of wine often think people talking about Thai wine are talking of the rice wine sato or some other such variety of wines that Asian countries are supposed to produce, they hardly associate Thai wine with anything remotely concerning grapes.

However, the Thai wine industry and wine types like Shiraz and Columbard are in full swing aided by a number of entrepreneurs, favourable laws and a growing influx of expatriates into the country.

The wines in the country are mostly of the red wine variety and wine making methods are largely supervised by individuals who come from wine making countries all over the world.

Monsoon Valley Late Harvest Chenin Blanc Halves (375ml)

Alluring aromas of barley sugar with a rich flavour of honey and sweet lemon fruitVines have been gr..

£11.58 Ex Tax: £9.65

Monsoon Valley Premium Colombard

Regional Trophy - Decanter WWA 2015 - Fresh, dry and tingly on the palate full of apple and cit..

£11.64 Ex Tax: £9.70

Monsoon Valley Premium Shiraz

Commended - Decanter WWA 2015 - Bronze Medal - IWSC 2015 - Medium bodied palate showing ripe bl..

£11.64 Ex Tax: £9.70

Monsoon Valley Red

Plums and red fruits on the nose, soft and velvety texture lingers on the palateVines have been grow..

£9.66 Ex Tax: £8.05

Monsoon Valley Rose

Pale coloured rose full of strawberry fruit, made in a medium styleVines have been grown in Thailand..

£9.66 Ex Tax: £8.05

Monsoon Valley Shiraz Rose

A lovely pale, salmon pink with smooth berry fruit flavours, light tannins and a medium body giving ..

£11.64 Ex Tax: £9.70

Monsoon Valley White

Flavours of ripe honeydew melon with a hint of sweetness, great with spicy food.The accepted common ..

£9.66 Ex Tax: £8.05