Spanish Wine

In terms of global wine production, Spain produces less wine than Italy and France but probably only because the country is smaller than the two. When compared to the same countries and others in terms of ratios Spain is the country that has the most vineyards per hectare of available land.

Wine is made all over Spain and anywhere that has land available for growing grape crop, thus Spanish red wines and white wines are enjoyed in homes around the country and the world.

It was the Spanish that brought the art of wine making to countries such as Argentina and Chile, both which have renowned wine industries and global recognition in the industry today.

Ondarre Rioja Rivallana Crianza

Savoury and jammy flavours complemented by vanilla notes from oak ageing. Traditional Rioja style.Bo..

£9.84 Ex Tax: £8.20

Ondarre Rioja Rivallana Tinto

A good example of a modern style Rioja, medium bodied with fresh red berried fruit flavours.Rioja is..

£8.16 Ex Tax: £6.80

Pago de los Capellanes Crianza

Intense with a pleasant balance of wood and fruit with notes of vanilla, ripened cherries and plums...

£21.78 Ex Tax: £18.15

Pago de los Capellanes El Nogal

This is a serious, complex wine, available now, but with long life ahead of it as well.Pago de los C..

£48.12 Ex Tax: £40.10

Pago de los Capellanes Reserva

Aromas of fine complexity with tones of ripened fruit, especially cherries, blue berries and black c..

£39.30 Ex Tax: £32.75

Pago de los Capellanes Roble

Bright, cherry red with intense floral and red forest fruit aromasPago de los Capellanes has a recen..

£15.12 Ex Tax: £12.60

Pinord Priorat + 7

Ripe blackcurrant fruit complemented by vanilla, chocolate and coffee, all enveloped in a smooth and..

£29.94 Ex Tax: £24.95

Pinord Seleccion Brut Cava +

Delightfully Fresh, light and enjoyable with a crisp and elegant finish. Great for celebrations.Bode..

£12.18 Ex Tax: £10.15

Rey Santo Verdejo

Vibrant floral and citrus character with lively concentration, beautifully fresh and balanced.Rueda ..

£10.38 Ex Tax: £8.65

Rioja Blanco Senorio de Ondarre

Notes of lemon and grapefruit with a rounded flavour and a crisp finishBodegas Ondarre, whose winery..

£8.70 Ex Tax: £7.25

Rioja Ondarre Graciano

Intense ruby red wine, balsamic aromas of mint and aniseed with ripe fruit and hints of flower bloss..

£11.46 Ex Tax: £9.55

Rioja Quasar Crianza

Spicy and savoury fruit aromas combined with typical notes of vanilla from oak ageing.Rioja is the l..

£9.84 Ex Tax: £8.20

Rioja Quasar Gran Reserva

A traditionally styled mature Rioja showing savoury and gamey flavours interlaced with chocolate, lo..

£15.18 Ex Tax: £12.65

Rioja Quasar Reserva

Leather and spice of traditionally made Rioja, sustained through to a long and smooth finish.Rioja i..

£12.24 Ex Tax: £10.20

Rioja Quasar Tinto

Leather and spice aromas, smooth and subtle flavours of vanilla ice cream and strawberries, well int..

£8.28 Ex Tax: £6.90

Rioja Rivallana Blanco

Crystalline fruits and ripe pears through to a fresh and zesty finish.Bodegas Ondarre is based in Vi..

£8.16 Ex Tax: £6.80