Lebanese Wine

Lebanon is the country of some of the oldest wine making efforts in the world, readers of religious scripture will usually note many references to the wine of the country in rather reverential terms. Great civilisations such as those of the Greeks and Rome were said to have adopted a substantial amount of their wine making practices and even religious rituals that had to do with wine from various regions in the country.

Although wine making was very much an ancient art in Lebanon it came into great decline centuries ago as the country became part of Muslim caliphate and wine production reduced greatly.

Current wine making in Lebanon today has led to a variety of the wines to be produced from grapes of French origin, however Lebanon makes excellent wines with a number of its indigenous grapes.

Chateau Ksara Blanc De Blancs

Waxy aromas balanced by herbal and mineral freshness and creaminess, all in perfect balance.Chateau ..

£13.50 Ex Tax: £11.25

Chateau Ksara Blanc de l'Observatoire

This wine seduces with its finesse, elegance and floral aroma. Chateau Ksara is Lebanon's oldes..

£11.22 Ex Tax: £9.35

Chateau Ksara Cabernet Sauvignon

Commended- Sommelier Wine Awards - Delicious bell peppers and blackcurrants with a sprinkling o..

£19.68 Ex Tax: £16.40

Chateau Ksara Chardonnay Cuvee du Pape

Bronze Medal - IWC 2015 - Vanilla and toasty notes from oak ageing complemented by ripe lemon f..

£19.86 Ex Tax: £16.55

Chateau Ksara Cuvee 3eme Millenaire

Seductive Raspberry and blackcurrant aromas and flavours with a vanilla characterChateau Ksara is Le..

£35.40 Ex Tax: £29.50

Chateau Ksara Gris de Gris Rose

Zesty pink grapefruit and dry citrus tones through to a mouthwatering finish.Delicious!Chateau Ksara..

£12.72 Ex Tax: £10.60

Chateau Ksara Le Prieure Rouge

Warm and savoury mediterranean style wine with chunky fruit and a satisfying finish.Chateau Ksara is..

£11.22 Ex Tax: £9.35

Chateau Ksara Reserve du Couvent

RECOMMENDED - Decanter World Wine Awards - Silver Medal - IWSC - Commended - Sommelier Wine Awards -..

£12.30 Ex Tax: £10.25

Chateau Ksara Rouge

Bronze Medal - IWC 2015 - Commended - Decanter World Wine Awards 2015 - An inviting nose of her..

£19.86 Ex Tax: £16.55

Chateau Ksara Sunset Rose

Inviting strawberry and vanilla flavours through to a refreshing, off dry finish.Chateau Ksara is Le..

£12.30 Ex Tax: £10.25

Ixsir Altitudes Red

Fantastically fresh palette and intense, with well‐integrated tannins, bold black fruit and a pleasa..

£16.62 Ex Tax: £13.85

Ixsir Altitudes White

Elegant starbright gold, with an exquisite bouquet of floral aromas, hints of Muscat and notes of gr..

£16.62 Ex Tax: £13.85

Ixsir Grande Reserve Red

Saturated with Mediterranean character and exuberant aromas of ripe fruits and spices.The winemaking..

£21.60 Ex Tax: £18.00

Ixsir Grande Reserve White

Enticing white flowers, peach and citrus fruits, perfect balance between mellowness and liveliness, ..

£19.20 Ex Tax: £16.00

Ksarak Arak

Ksara Estate lies in the heart of the Bekaa Valley near Baalbeck, where the ruins of the Temple of B..

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