Canadian Wine

The history of wine making in Canada is one that has been fraught with many challenges. 

The country's northerly location and proximity to some of the coldest regions of the earth made it difficult for the country's budding wine makers to successfully grow grapes of European origin and make wines from these grapes.

Early efforts which succeeded, did so only when grapes indigenous to Canada were used to make the wines. Later on when these problems had been overcome and European grapes could successfully be grown in Canada and used to make wine, the Canadian wine industry faced further challenges such as the alcohol prohibition of 1927 which severely limited white and Canadian red wine production to just a few wineries of the period.It was not until the 1970's that this prohibition was finally lifted and the business of wine making could prosper.

The wines have an immense concentration and length but still manage to be elegant and they are also incredibly versatile food wines.

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