Marques de Riscal

Marques de Riscal

At Marques de Riscal, balancing respect for the past with the demands of the present and an eye for the future is never an easy task – but it helps if your family has been engaged in it for more than 150 years. 

There's continuity at Riscal, with constant family ownership, and the current Marques, Paco Hurtado, is in charge of operations, while his son Luis is winemaker. But there's also a healthy embrace for the modern, most obviously in the visually ravishing and undeniably avant-garde City of Wine designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry. 

Descend into The Cathedral, however, and you're whisked back to the year of Riscal's foundation, 1858, making it one of Rioja's oldest wine houses. In these vaulted cellars slumber wines of every vintage from the winery's first - 1862 - right through to the present day. 

But this long and distinguished history is peppered with a pioneering spirit that verges on the iconoclastic. The winery was also the first to recognise the immense potential of the Rueda region for white wines – its presence there from 1972 predating the establishment of the Rueda DO by more than a decade. 

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