Xynisteri Wine

Xynisteri (also spelled xynistery, xinisteri, xynisterin; ) is an indigenous white grape grown on Cyprus.

Approximately 500 hectares (1250 acres) which amounts to15% of Cypriot vineyards,  are planted with this grape variety, mainly on the south slopes of the Troodos mountain range, which makes Xynisteri the main white grape varietal grown on Cyprus.

Its clusters and berries are of medium size while it is known for its durability against wine diseases. 

It is used in the production of several local, mainly white wines, such as the great Petritis from Kyperounda Winery

Xynisteri is blended with Mavro grapes for the production of the Commandaria, a well known Cypriot dessert wine and it is also used for the production of the local spirit Zivania.

Kyperounda Winery Petritis

Delicious aromas of candied lime combined with vanilla and spicy ginger through to a long and sustai..

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