Passerina is a rare local white grape that is found in the Marche and, in even rarer occasions, Abruzzo, in Italy. It is also a DOC for wines of the same name in Marche. 

Many researchers have studied its identity, so to boast an extensive bibliography and a high number of citations of the grapes on the most famous treatises of ampelography. However, its origins remain uncertain. 

Known by various names such as 'Pagadebito Gentile', 'Campolese' and 'Uva Passera', the term 'Passerina' is attributed to those grapes that have small berries often devoid of seeds. 

Passerina is used in some Marche wine blends, including the DOC Falerio dei Colli Ascolani.

Feudo Antico Tullum Passerina

A very fresh wine, slightly sparkling, with intense hints of fruit. Feudo Antico is a young win..

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Tollo Passerina Terre di Chieti

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