Kaya Kapadokia

Between a velvety fruity Burgundy and a hearty Rhone. Beautiful dark red, with fine exotic scent, pl..

£13.02 Ex Tax: £10.85

Kayra Buzbag Okuzgozu-Bogazkere

Rich, meaty red with a long finish and a touch of smoky oakBased on their faith in the goodness that..

£11.16 Ex Tax: £9.30

Kayra Buzbag Rezerv

Cherry and red forest fruits on the palate with ripe tanninsBased on their faith in the goodness tha..

£15.90 Ex Tax: £13.25

Kayra Okuzgozu

Soft silky tannins, lingering black fruit flavours, integrated oak balanced with generous acidity, l..

£15.18 Ex Tax: £12.65