Insolia, Inzolia or Ansonica in Tuscany is a white Italian wine grape mainly grown in western Sicily where it can be used to produce Marsala wine, or fine wines with distinct flavours and aromas. 

It is the main, and potentially only component of the Tuscan D.O.C. Ansonica Costa dell'Argentario, which is located on the extreme southern coast of Tuscany and on the island of Giglio, and is noted for its nutty aroma.  

Cusumano Cubia Insolia Tenuta Ficuzza

Cubia is a thoroughly modern 'Cru' wine produced from a classic Sicilian grape variety.Cusumano Wine..

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Cusumano Insolia Sicilia

Intense bouquet fruity finish with apple notes and white flowers.Cusumano Winery is spearheaded by t..

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