Gaglioppo is a red wine grape varietal, that is primarily grown in Southern Italy, in and around the region of Calabria. 

The Gaglioppo grapevines perform well in the hot, almost drought conditions of this region, but they are also susceptible to oidium and peronospera. 

The grape produces wine that is full-bodied, high in alcohol and tannins with a need for considerable time in the bottle for it to soften in character. 

It is sometimes blended with up to 10% white wine

Feudo dei Baroni Gaglioppo

Full-bodied with strong tannins on the palate. Can be served slightly chilled. Feudo dei Baroni..

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Statti Arvino Rosso

Delicious red wine with a deep colour intensity and a great elegance in tasting. Alberto and An..

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Statti Batasarro Rosso

Typical Calabrian expression of the elegant taste-and-smell richness. It is a wine full of contrasts..

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Statti Gaglioppo Rosso

Intense bouquet of cherry and spices. The flavours are generous with notes of almonds, figs and pear..

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Statti I Gelsi Rosso

Rich fruit aromas of red currant and cherry with hints of vanilla and coconut. Generous palate of fr..

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