Broy Bianco Collio DOC

Rich with balanced oak and a distinctive nose of lemon curd and honey. Founded by Eugenio Colla..

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Conte Brandolini Friulano

A green-flecked, velvet-smooth white, stands with the championsOwned and operated since 1980 by Coun..

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Tocai Friulano DOC Friuli Grave

Spring flower aromas and almonds is echoed on the dry, full-bodied palate with rounded flavour and l..

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Custoza Custodia Le Noci

Intense with aromatic scents, tangy flavours and balanced, with good structure.The Custodia Range ar..

£14.70 Ex Tax: £12.25

Livon Friulano Collio

Delicate bouquet of almonds, tasty, medium-bodied, harmonic, leaving the palate dry.The quality of L..

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