Carricante (aka Catarratto) is an ancient white wine grape variety from Sicily's Mount Etna region, believed to have been around on the volcanic slopes of for at least 1,000 years. 

The variety is known for its crisp acidity, and the often high yields gave rise to the grapes name Carricante, from the Italian word 'carica' which means 'load'. 

The best examples of these grapes can be obtained from vines growning in volcanic soils at high altitude, such as on Mount Etna's slopes, where some vines can be found 3940ft (1200m) up!

Planeta Brut Classico

Vibrant and lean on the palate. Mount Etna in full eruption!The Metodo Classico is produced from ind..

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Planeta Etna Bianco

Very expressive aromas of white fruits, yellow plums and herbal notes.This wine is produced in the F..

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