Aleatico is a red Italian wine grape variety. 

It is notable for being the primary grape in the cult wine Aleatico di Portoferraio made in Elba, but is grown most commonly in the Apulia and Lazio regions of Italy.

In Apulia, Aleatico is grown widely around the city of Bari and in the southern Salento Peninsula. The style of Aleatico wines from Apulia tend to be sweeter and richer in flavour than those from Elba due to the warmer climate of southern Italy and the potential for higher levels of sugars in the grapes.

Aleatico is often used to produce dessert wines. The grapes may be dried or the wines may be fortified in a liquoroso style. The wines are typically aged at least 6 months prior to release, with Italian wines labeled as Liquoroso Riserva, requiring three years of aging, at least 2 of them in wood barrels.

Aleatico wines are characterised by the aroma of roses, a trait they share with Muscat blanc a Petits Grains, a close relative from France Other aroma notes commonly include various berry fruits and lychees. 

Aleatico wines tend to have high alcohol content balanced by the grape's acidity

During his exile in Elba, wine made from Aleatico was reportedly a favorite drink of Napoleon.

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