Agiorgitiko Wines

Agiorgitiko by Gaia PDO Nemea

Soft red fruit and toasty oak, black cherries and red fruits balanced with the oak. A lovely velvety..

£15.18 Ex Tax: £12.65

Gaia Estate PDO Nemea

Simply stunning - sweet, serious and velvety. Great depth and complexity with loads of black and red..

£27.78 Ex Tax: £23.15

Gaia Notios Agiorgitiko and Syrah

A medium bodied wine with spicy flavours of fresh plums and a fresh finishOne of the pioneers of the..

£12.30 Ex Tax: £10.25

Gaia S Agiorgitiko Syrah PDO Nemea

A robust wine with slightly floral notes and chunky flavours of dark fruits combined with chocolateO..

£20.58 Ex Tax: £17.15

Monemvasios Red PGI

Velvety texture with cherry, mocha, coffee, vanilla and nutty-oak flavours, through to a smooth fini..

£16.56 Ex Tax: £13.80

Thiasos Red PGI Peloponnese

Soft, moreish flavours of damson and dark plum - a beautifully balanced Agiorgitiko, the ancient red..

£7.68 Ex Tax: £6.40